The 1957 Porsche diesel-engined Allgaier up for sale

10/18/2017 22:49:08
The 1957 Porsche diesel-engined Allgaier up for sale
There are many people saying all the Porsche models are just too common and expensive, but this one is totally different, and it’s pretty affordable

There are many people saying all the Porsche models are just too common and expensive, but you know what guys? This one is totally different, and it’s actually a pretty affordable Porsche, that’s right: affordable Porsche. In the pictures below you’ll see the restored 1957 Porsche diesel-engined Allgaier tractor.



Yours for an estimated $12,000-18,000 at auctioneers Historics at Brooklands’ November sale, it’s the kind of Porsche you just don’t see every day. Alongside Ferdinand Porsche’s businesses building Porsche cars and the Volkswagen Beetle during the 1950s, he also built tractors. His company built some 120,000 of them as Porsche Allgaier models before buying the latter company outright in 1957. This tractor, therefore, is one of the last associated with the Allgaier name.



This gorgeous (sorry not sorry) two-cylinder diesel farm worker has a mighty 18 horsepower beneath that long, graceful bonnet. Originally used to manage the lands in Saint-Ferriol in southern France, it was eventually retired and stored in a medieval castle. Because of course it was. When its second owner bought it in 2009, he restored it to the glowing condition you see here. It’s in full working order and, weirdly, conforms to Belgian traffic laws. That man sold it to a racing driver called Barry Sidery-Smith in 2013. After more time in storage it will make its way to auction next month.


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